Let's Travel To...Valle De Guadalupe


Let me preface this by saying I know we are in the middle of a pandemic. Nick and I do not take this lightly and we did our part in researching places to make sure they were taking appropriate COVID precautions. Call or email before visiting to make reservations.


Updated trip: Watch this video

Where we stayed

This is our second time staying at this AirBnb. The rental has a beachfront balcony that overlooks the K-38 surf break. They keep the grounds in immaculate condition. There is a pool and jacuzzi to enjoy with an amazing beach view. You can also access the private beach area and go down the stairs to enjoy a nice stroll on the beach. 

View from the balcony

Secluded beach

Night view from the balcomy

Valle de Guadalupe

Our rental was actually an hour away from all the wineries, but the trip there was smooth and quick. If you stay in the Rosarito area, make sure to maximize your time and head out early so you are there by the time the wineries open. Everything is less busy in the morning and it allows you to take your time at all the places you choose to visit.

Signs on the road are clear


Photo taken by our tour guide

If you are going to book a wine tour, I highly recommend Bruma Vinicola. Granted, it’s the ONLY wine tour we took, but it did not disappoint. We took our tour on a Monday afternoon which meant it was not busy at all and it allowed our tour guide to take his time. He did such a wonderful job personalizing the experience.

The architecture and art were so beautiful, and again, our tour guide did such a magnificent job explaining how everything came together. So many pieces that make up the venue come from recycled wood, old telescopes, and independent art from artists around Mexico.

This picture is one example of the art- metallic sculptures symbolizing the corn and cactus which are staples of Mexican culture.

Left side: Nopales, Right side: Corn

Wine tasting for 2 was $40 USD for a 30 minute tour and 2 different wines each. There is also a restaurant but we opted to eat at our next destination. But before that, here are some more pictures of us enjoying our time at Bruma.

"Casually" drinking our wine

Catch us in Bruma's pamphlet 

Second stop: VENA CAVA

Due to Covid precautions, Vena Cava was letting folks in by the hour as to not host too many people at once. Also note that the road to this winery is not paved.

We decided not to do any wine tasting and enjoyed their outdoor scenery by ordering something from the Troika- a yummy food truck. I had a delicious glass of Sauvignon Blanc from the winery and the fried chicken sandwich. Nick enjoyed a beer from a local brewery and the chicken sandwich as well.

Chicken sandwich from Troika

Although we didn't enter the wine tasting room, the roof is made of old boats, so they have a very nautical vibe. But again, we only stayed outdoors, which is separate from the winery itself. 

Third Stop: CASA FRIDA

Inside the Wine Tasting Room

If you’re looking for some chill outdoor vibes, I would recommend Casa Frida. The decor is on point, and there is a setting to accommodate a variety of groups. Just there to wine taste? Check. Want drinks and appetizers without kiddos running around? Check. Looking for an outdoor dining spot for the familia? Check. Just searching for some bomb oysters and other seafood? Check.

We went with the chill vibe and ordered a wine bottle and appetizers in the no kid area. But "lol" because every area is "kid free" on a Monday night during Covid. We were the only ones there!

Vino Tinto: Latidos

Clearly enjoying the wine

Pina con Habanero and Jamaica Mermelada

They also have overnight accommodations, and according to our waiter, they are expanding! They are building a hall where they can soon host events.


If you are visiting in the winter time and you are not staying in the Valle, make sure to get an early start so you have enough daylight to enjoy the wineries. Remember, you're in Mexico so many of the roads to get to some of the wineries are not paved. Unless you are driving a truck, I recommended you look for wineries that are off the main highway. We had a rental car so we were driving extra slow on the dirt roads which, unfortunately, added some unexpected travel time. Hey, this girl is just trying to get to all the wineries, ya feel me? While Vena Cava was a great spot, personally, I would skip it and check out other wineries instead. Since we visited on a Monday, some of the wineries we were interested in were closed. Hilo Negro and Monte Xanic are just wineries we'll have to visit next time we're in town.

Places to visit in the Rosarito Area

Our rental was very close to two very chill spots. Collectivo Surf is a brewery with an outdoor patio and they have live music on the weekends. I had a delicious poke bowl and let me tell ya, it was PACKED with fish. Nick had a sushi burrito that was also very good but you def get more for your buck if you go with the bowl. We also enjoyed a beer here- I can't remember the name but it was "pineapple something" and it was refreshing. The night was a bit cold and they don't have the typical patio heaters; they improvised by taking a can and creating their own fire pits. Works for me!

Live music stage

So much fresh fish!

Sin Fronteras is the place to go if you want the beach views. This location isn't an actual brewery; they serve craft beer from breweries all around Baja. They have plenty of outdoor seating and also have live music on the weekends. Surprisingly, the music is still happening even during COVID times. I actually think this is a good thing as musicians struggle in general, pandemic or not. So make sure to tip any live performers when you see them.  

The downstairs patio area

Baja Razz was very yum

These Alitas de BBQ were the perfect type of crispy

Eso es todo! Hope you enjoyed reading about our trip. Have you visited the Valle? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Okay, SOLD! I’m sure the wine is delish but it’s all about those alitas!

  2. Do you recommend this for a girls weekend??

  3. Do you recommend this for a girls weekend??

    1. This has girl's weekend written all over it! Just make sure to find a hotel/airbnb with a jacuzzi and you're set! Wine + stars + chisme = SCORE!

  4. That beach view looks amazing! Would this place be family friendly?

    1. Oh! The family would LOVE a location like this. The airbnb sleeps 6, but the couches are good enough for another 2 ;)


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