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Let's Travel to...Thrift Stores!

  Thrift stores- they’re so hot right now! And I am here for it. As a kid, we shopped secondhand out of necessity: thrift stores, yard sales, hand-me-downs. Now, I do it out of necessity for our planet. But this isn't a post about how consumerism and fast fashion is killing our planet- we’ll save that for another time. If you have been doing your part and being mindful of your purchases and want to take a stab at thrift store shopping, I gotchu! Here are my 5 tips to consider when going to thrift stores. 1. Bring a list. I mention this one first because it ties into a few of the other tips below. Bringing a list is so important because you CAN actually over buy at a thrift store too. Crazy, I know! But it’s almost like the “under $5” section at Target when you’re like “this is only $3, this is $2...” and next thing you know you’re spending $150 and blaming Target for it! (Haha) Well, that’s me at thrift stores! The goal is still not over consume and only purchase things off your li

Let's Travel To...Valle De Guadalupe

  Let me preface this by saying I know we are in the middle of a pandemic. Nick and I do not take this lightly and we did our part in researching places to make sure they were taking appropriate COVID precautions. Call or email before visiting to make reservations.   Updated trip: Watch this video Where we stayed This is our second time staying at this AirBnb. The rental has a beachfront balcony that overlooks the K-38 surf break. They keep the grounds in immaculate condition. There is a pool and jacuzzi to enjoy with an amazing beach view. You can also access the private beach area and go down the stairs to enjoy a nice stroll on the beach.  View from the balcony Secluded beach Night view from the balcomy Valle de Guadalupe Our rental was actually an hour away from all the wineries, but the trip there was smooth and quick. If you stay in the Rosarito area, make sure to maximize your time and head out early so you are there by the time the wineries open. Everything is less busy in the