Let's Travel To....My Casita: Kitchen Edition

Our kitchen is a mixture of thrifted/second hand items, gifts, discounted items and new appliances. When putting together our kitchen, I knew I wanted to thrift as much as possible. Doing this 100% was difficult for me, as I am sure it might be for many, so it’s important to understand we are always doing the best we can when attempting to be low-waste. So, here is a looksy at our kitchen and our attempt at furnishing it as sustainably as possible.

I’ll start off by giving Nick so much credit for finding items on Offer Up- thanks babe! (he’s probably like “damn right I get credit *insert rolling eyes here). We looked on Offer Up for a while until these babies came along- our counter stools.

The couple who was selling them had just moved to Downtown LA and the chairs did not match their counter height. They were practically brand new with a few nacks here or there. We got them for $50 each and they retail for $100! Score! And, we think they look perfect.

Next, I'd like to introduce my second favorite store after Goodwill, an outlet store we have dubbed “Todo Robado”. Yes, as in, “everything is a steal!” This store is located in East LA and its official name is “Meños Outlet”. It seems like they purchase boxes full of Target items that can no longer be sold at Target stores. We’ve purchased plenty of items here for 50% or more off its retail price. We actually once purchased a 10 person camping tent for $50 that retails for $300!! I know, todo robodo, right? We purchased this knives set for only $40 and retails for $150! This is the set we have: JA Henckles Knife Set

The FRIENDS recipe book was a gift from Nick's nieces and a perfect addition, if I do say so myself.

Our blender was another Offer Up find by Nick and our toaster is from the Todo Robado store. My spider plant is a second hand purchase from Cindy Villasenor. A great zero waste follow on Instagram, by the way! Find her at @cerowastecindy.

Our glasses and plates are all thrifted so shout out to Goodwill (#SponsorMe haha). Our set of bowls was gifted by Nick’s mom from her kitchen. I also won my cute little teapot from a raffle at work.

Our copper cups were a housewarming gift from my BFF. My mom donated two mugs from her collection and my FRIENDS mug is also another gift. Other glassware you see, like the margarita glass and pitcher, are items from Nick's mom's kitchen.

We purchased a few glasses from Progress Brewery because 1. We love their beer, 2. Support small businesses, and 3. The glasses have a Frida and Dali decal! #LOVE

We pretty much looked for everything second hand, including the kitchen sink. And we found it! Nick found a shop through Offer Up that sells open-box items and this ol’ thing cost us $150 and retails for $250. Any savings is a win in my book! The soap dispenser was also a Goodwill find, probably cost $1.

Up next, we have possibly one of my favorite things. Not only is it a wine rack (which I love) but it is a wine rack handmade by Nick! *swoon* It's simple, fits perfectly in a gap we had between the stove and counter AND this baby holds 8 wine bottles. We restock it weekly. Ok, ok, we restock it bi-weekly. What? I love wine, ok??

Side note- this is actually the first time Nick or I ever owned a place of our own so we had to purchase new appliances. Yes, we could’ve looked around and purchased them secondhand. However, it was just our preference to have new, matching appliances that would fit our kitchen specifications. We also thought the spaces for the microwave and stove were smaller. Whoops! You can see the gap >_<

I also want to be fully transparent and say we are NOT a zero waste household (unfortunately). But I do believe it’s better to do it imperfectly than to not do it at all. So, because of that, I wanted to show you all what the pantry looks like. Some items were purchased in bulk, and some are not zero waste friendly.

Being zero waste is difficult when we walk into a supermarket and 90% of the items are packaged in plastic. Which is why it's important to be mindful and avoid plastic as much as we can. I do actually put snack items back on the shelf when I'm reminded of the plastic waste I’m creating. So, good for my pansita, and good for the environment. It’s a win win!

We also have a drawer full with all our reusable bags. Making sure to always shop with these is a BIG small step we can all take.

There you have it! A look at our attempt to be as sustainable as possible when purchasing items for our kitchen. Also want to say a big thanks to Nick's older brother, Phil, for gifting us the high cabinets. He had them stored and with a quick paint job, they look good as new!

Let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to help or recommend other great people to follow on IG who have great tips :)


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