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Let's Travel To....My Casita: Bathroom Edition

There was a lot of Pinterest inspo that contributed to our budget-friendly bathroom design. Peep our hexagon tile that I LOVE! The tile was on the pricier side but seeing as how the space is relatively small, we decided to go for it and splurge on the tile. Una vez al a ño no hace da ño! Let’s start with our bathroom mirror, which was made by Nick *insert heart-eyes here* He spent some time on YouTube looking for ideas until he found one that we both liked. He used this video for reference. We purchased the wood + mirror at Home Depot for a total $40. The wood stain is something he already had, but a quart is as cheap as $5. We did see similar large mirrors at places like Home Goods, but they were more expensive and not actual wood. Plus, it was difficult to find one in the color we liked. Next we have the shelves above the toilet. These were also made by Nick and it cost about $15 to make. The cool thing about making your own things is 1. It's inexpensive,

Let's Travel To....My Casita: Kitchen Edition

Our kitchen is a mixture of thrifted/second hand items, gifts, discounted items and new appliances. When putting together our kitchen, I knew I wanted to thrift as much as possible. Doing this 100% was difficult for me, as I am sure it might be for many, so it’s important to understand we are always doing the best we can when attempting to be low-waste. So, here is a looksy at our kitchen and our attempt at furnishing it as sustainably as possible. I’ll start off by giving Nick so much credit for finding items on Offer Up- thanks babe! (he’s probably like “damn right I get credit *insert rolling eyes here). We looked on Offer Up for a while until these babies came along- our counter stools. The couple who was selling them had just moved to Downtown LA and the chairs did not match their counter height. They were practically brand new with a few nacks here or there. We got them for $50 each and they retail for $100! Score! And, we think they look perfect. Next,