Let's Travel To....TEMECULA

Temecula, California

For our 8th year anniversary, we FINALLY did what I’ve been wanting to do for years now- we went to Temecula!

We headed out Friday afternoon after work and caught some traffic but we were able to get to Temecula by sunset. Nick and I are big Live Music Guys and found just that at Danza del Sol WineryOf course, as soon as we got there we headed to the bar to check out their wine selection. We decided on their Pinot Grigio which was refreshing for a warm summer night.

Danza Del Sol has indoor and outdoor seating, and their stage is perfectly set up in a way where you can enjoy the live entertainment regardless of where you sit.

They also had a couple of BBQ trucks on site where we got some sliders and fries. While the food was great, I felt it was a tad messy and not the “typical” meal you would enjoy with some wine. That’s just my personal opinion and preference though.

The vibe was enjoyable and everyone was having a fun time with the entertainment of the night. There was a couple who I can only assume were there all day because they were...what’s that word...LIT! They were quite the couple and it sure was nice not to be on the other side of embarrassment for once (ha!)

It was also here where Nick started talking about how a winery “would be a nice place to get married” which led to a conversation about all the possible places for a wedding. And eventually I was like “ok, hold your horses, bro! you gotta propose first!” We actually always crack jokes about the future, weddings and engagements; I like to give him a hard time but it's oddly a fun joke we have going on. It's all fun and games…until he never proposes!  According to him, proposing by the Eiffel Tower (where we once were) or during an anniversary is too “predictable” (insert rolling eyes here).

Once we were out of wine (sad), we headed to our Airbnb which was in Fallbrook, a 30 minute drive from the area where all the wineries are located. In retrospect, we should’ve stayed closer to the wineries and spent a little more money on a hotel room or a home closer to the wineries since we planned on driving back and forth. Ideally, we could’ve just Ubered short distances instead of us driving around. And by “us” I mean Nick, duh! We picked our Airbnb because it was so cutely decorated, it had a pool, it looked peaceful, and it had great reviews. Regardless of the distance to the wineries, it was a perfect little place that we loved. The host was amazing and delivered a small breakfast to our door every morning, because who wants to have wine on an empty stomach? Certainly not me!

Complimentary breakfast

Enjoying breakfast outdoors on a gloomy morning

Serene trail connected to the house

Afternoon dip + Wine

Watching football aka living the life!

To start off our second day, we headed to Mount Palomar, where the wedding planning continued. Yes, Nick looked up the cost of a winery wedding versus a destination wedding. So, friends and family, keep that in mind! If and when a wedding happens, it might be one or the other. But don’t worry, at the rate we’re going, that probably won’t be for another 8 years *sigh*

Anyway, the grounds were charming with indoor seating but we opted to sit in the patio overlooking the vineyard where we were also able to listen to their afternoon live music. We ordered a bottle of red wine and a Parmesan, Artichoke, & Crab Fondue which Nick loved.

On weekends, Mount Palomar offers a $20 tasting with 6 wine pours, something we initially planned to do. However, that’s $20 per person when instead, you can just purchase an entire bottle for as low as $22. So yes, we mostly ordered entire bottles as opposed to wine tastings the entire weekend.

Personal bartender always taking care of me

Next, we checked out Europa Winery which was only a 3-minute drive from Mount Palomar, if that. That’s another thing I was so amazed by. All the wineries are literally back-to-back-to-back! It was my heaven!

At Europa I did try a wine tasting, also $20 for 6 wine pours. The thing I loved about the actual tasting was the fact that the wine server did her job so well. She let me pick a couple of wines on my own before she poured her recommendation. Oh man, it was superb! She mentioned doing that so she could get an idea of where my pallet was and make sure the rest of the pours were something I liked. I really loved my experience at this location and I swear I almost became a member! Actually, a part of me regrets NOT becoming a member. I also don't have any pictures at this location. Was it because I was too drunk to remember to take pictures? Yea, that can very much be the reason.

Our evening plans included more live music and wine. After considering several options, we ended up at Miramonte Winery. Based on the amount of cars that were parked outside the winery, we knew it was most likely one of the more popular wineries. To me, it had a nice laid-back/party vibe and I loved it instantly!  

Miramonte Winery is at the top of the hill

They have tables,lawn chairs, and patio sofas all around the premises but by the time we arrived, everything was taken. However, they have an area with fake grass where people can sit and set up a small picnic so that's what we did. Miramonte allows you to bring your pets, so clearly they were drawn to me immediately.

Fury friend
We decided to drink some Rose for the night; something light and refreshing to enjoy outdoors. Sure, I wish I could've tried all their wines just to know which was my absolute favorite at each location but, overall, I think they were all great choices. Plus, it's not hard to please me when it comes to wine. Surprisingly, I'm no wine snob- give me Trader Joe's Two Buck Chuck and I'm set! Wait, is that something I should admit? 

Nick and I hung out all evening and played Heads Up and Family Feud on my phone while we sipped wine. Music was playing in the background as the sun was setting and I just sat there, carefree, laughing and having the best time with my favorite dude. Later, while we were taking pictures, Nick literally said "sit up, you look too drunk." I couldn't stop laughing because he was so right. Every picture he took, my eyes were closed and I look like a hot (but cute) mess. Here are some pictures of what that looks like...

Somewhere in the archives is a picture of 21 year old Evelyn looking exactly like this

Once we were ready to head out (because we were out of wine), we walked across the dance floor where there was a diverse group of folks dancing and having a great time. We stuck around for the last couple of songs of their set and it really was the perfect end to just a casual but amazing night. 

Temecula was definitely good to us and I am still shocked it took so long for us to visit. I can't wait to go back and enjoy Wine Country. Cheers!


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