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Let's Travel To....TEMECULA

Temecula, California For our 8 th year anniversary, we FINALLY did what I’ve been wanting to do for years now- we went to Temecula! We headed out Friday afternoon after work and caught some traffic but we were able to get to Temecula by sunset. Nick and I are big Live Music Guys and found just that at Danza del Sol Winery .  Of course, as soon as we got there we headed to the bar to check out their wine selection. We decided on their Pinot Grigio which was refreshing for a warm summer night. Danza Del Sol has indoor and outdoor seating, and their stage is perfectly set up in a way where you can enjoy the live entertainment regardless of where you sit. They also had a couple of BBQ trucks on site where we got some sliders and fries. While the food was great, I felt it was a tad messy and not the “typical” meal you would enjoy with some wine. That’s just my personal opinion and preference though. The vibe was enjoyable and everyone was having a fun