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Grand Canyon Oh the perks of having a teacher schedule! Nick and I planned a road trip for our Spring Break this year. Again, I feel so lucky that I get to have time off AND that Nick has the same time off; it makes planning our trips so easy. As we brainstormed, we knew we wanted to do a National Park: Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon. These were all options of parks we had not visited. The decision was pretty much made for us when we tried to book a campground in Yosemite and unfortunately everything was booked (shocker!). Grand Canyon and Zion seemed like the next best option so it was time for my favorite part: PLANNING! I had my eyes on renting an  Escape Campervan  which comes with a mini kitchen and bed (it's a lot cooler than how I am describing it). But after doing the math, it was cheaper to just rent a car and pitch a tent considering the car rental price and gas. These are the kinds of things I consider to help us save a couple bu