Let's Travel To....CRYSTAL COVE

Crystal Cove Beach

This weekend we headed over to Newport Beach to stay at the Crystal Cove Cottages. It's truly a little gem and I'll fill you all in on the process to reserving them at the end. First, let me tell you about the sweet weekend we had.

Crystal Cove is gorgeous at sunset

Nick and I left work early to head over to Newport Beach in time to catch the sunset. Our cottage was dorm-style which means we share the living room area and kitchen with guests in the other room. We always get lucky and share the cottage with folks who keep to themselves. This time, not so lucky. There was 2 adults....and a group of about 14 teenage girls! When I picture being at the cove to de-stress, I do NOT picture 14 loud, teenage girls. Luckily their rowdiness wasn't a factor all night. 

My best friend Kim and her fiance Kris (aka the Krims) joined us on this night. We all enjoyed a sunset walk that evening. Every time I am here, I feel like I'm somewhere far, away from the city. It's like this tiny little secluded beach where the stars shine a little brighter. When we got back to our cottage, we bundled up and hung out in the patio. Nick made delicious Moscow Mules and Kim and I opened up a few bottles of wine. Kim and I have been friends for 18 years! I feel so lucky to have her in my life. She's someone who I can always be 100%. We had a heart to heart conversation this weekend that just made our friendship that much stronger. *insert ugly Kim K cry here* 

Sunset stroll
The next morning, after struggling just a tad to wake up from the previous night, we popped open some more champagne (ha!) and headed down to The Beachcomber for breakfast. Now listen, even if you aren't staying at the cottages, plan a beach day at Crystal Cove and have breakfast here. You won't regret it! While they have a great menu, we all got either their Steak Chilaquiles or the Huevos Rancheros. I love crunchy chilaquiles but the huevos rancheros here come with turkey sausage, salsa, avocado, and a hard tortilla that it's almost like you're having crunchy chilaquiles. Did your mouth just water? Mine did. We had to walk off our delicious meals so we all took another nice stroll along the beach. 

Breakfast at The Beachcomber

Huevos Rancheros

Enjoying the beautiful day

The Krims had to make their way back home around 3pm but Nick's brother, Cesar, and his friend Carol joined us soon after. For dinner we walked up to Ruby's Shake Shack for burgers, fries and a shake. We've also had breakfast here and it's just as delicious as their lunch/dinner options. I was disappointed when we got back to our cottage with our meal only to realize they had given me a beef patty. UGH! I haven't had red meat for over 10 years now so I was pretty upset I didn't get my turkey burger that I was craving. Ruby's is only a short 10 minute walk but it requires walking up 2 long flights of stairs and I just wasn't upset enough to make that trip and go complain so I stuffed my face with all the fries ;)  It was a cold night so we spent the rest of the night indoors playing Cards Against Humanity, eating cupcakes, and drinking coffee. 

Nick and I shared this yummy Oreo shake

Also, one of my favorite things about our trips to Crystal Cove is that Nick always buys me Sunflowers to brighten up the place. 

Two of my favorite things

So, the process to scoring one of these cottages isn't as easy as booking an Airbnb. To reserve a cottage, you have to go on their website and book 6 months in advance! Yup, reservations open daily for a date 6 months later. For examples, if I had logged in today, I would have had to do it at 8am sharp and look to book for September 18th! Trust me, the wait is very much worth it but that's not how we've been able to visit Crystal Cove so often. Nick really loves this place so he logs in practically every day to check for cancellations. Often he sees cottages available during the week so if you're able to take weekdays off, you should definitely consider it. That's the process and with it comes getting lucky and that's all Nick.

This time around we stayed in Cottage 29B. I've been asked how we do it, how can we take these trips. Well, this dorm-style cottage is only $71 per night and its sleeps 4 people. That's only $18 per person for a beachfront stay! Crazy, right? The cottages prices range from as low as $39 for a private room that sleeps 2, to $251 for entire cottages that can sleep up to 10 people. 

View of living room from the kitchen

Shared patio area

Like I said, this beach is a gem and it's worth visiting even if just for a day. I'm happy to answer any and all questions about Crystal Cove. Our next trip is only 5 days away! See you soon, Grand Canyon.

Happy heart


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