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Let's Travel To....CRYSTAL COVE

Crystal Cove Beach This weekend we headed over to Newport Beach to stay at the Crystal Cove Cottages. It's truly a little gem and I'll fill you all in on the process to reserving them at the end. First, let me tell you about the sweet weekend we had. Crystal Cove is gorgeous at sunset Nick and I left work early to head over to Newport Beach in time to catch the sunset. Our cottage was dorm-style which means we share the living room area and kitchen with guests in the other room. We always get lucky and share the cottage with folks who keep to themselves. This time, not so lucky. There was 2 adults....and a group of about 14 teenage girls! When I picture being at the cove to de-stress, I do NOT picture 14 loud, teenage girls. Luckily their rowdiness wasn't a factor all night.  My best friend Kim and her fiance Kris (aka the Krims) joined us on this night. We all enjoyed a sunset walk that evening. Every time I am here, I feel like I'm somewhere far, a

Let's Travel To....SEATTLE

For our Spring Break last year we decided on Seattle and Portland. Originally, we wanted to make a road trip out of it but we had JetBlue points that were worth 2 one-way trips so it was the best option for us.  Seattle is another San Francisco so, to me, places to stay seem to be pricey. Our go to is always  Airbnb . We rented a private room that was relatively close and walking distance to everything. The restroom and kitchen were shared but everyone always kept to themselves so we never had any issues using the things we needed when we needed them.  Our first stop was visiting the original Starbucks! Where is it located? On Pike Place, duh! So I did some research and we eventually found it, the "first ever" Starbucks. When we got in, Nick and I were surprised to see how "new" it looked. We got a drink to enjoy outside Nick outside the "first ever" Starbucks As we kept walking, we noticed a long line outside a different estab


Hey there, it's Evelyn! Have you ever asked yourself, "Why the heck not?!" I did. So here we are- my very own blog! I mainly wanted to do this to document my trips with Nick. I feel so lucky that we are able to get up and go and plan trips as we please. We always joke about scrap booking but to be honest, it just never happens. Luckily, Nick loves to record and make videos of our trips so we have a couple of those. I figured it was time for me to have my own thing. We've taken so many trips over the past 7+ years together and I wish I could've kept a journal with all the details of our awesome adventures. Maybe I can go back and post about them in the future. Some of our big trips include NYC, Chicago, Portland, Cancun, Seattle, Sequoia National Forest (home away from home), and our Europe trip. Here are a few pictures: Cancun, Mexico  Paris, France  R-Ranch in the Sequoias Chicago, Illinois   I'm not someone who loves